Below you find a list of the Path-to-Action documents prepared by the session organizers. We invite you to browse the documents, and leave your comment and input online.

Title Author(s)
Circularity: Just Science Fiction? Heather Rogers, Santiago Perez, Malgorzata Lekan, and Aodhan Newsholme
Let’s discover interdisciplinarity through artistic representation Claudine Gillot, Lou Grimal
Transformative Urban Projects (TUP) Lechón, Y., Prades, A., Lehtonen, M., López Asensio, S.
Urban Metabolism: From early studies to learning activities for sustainable cities, urban planning and design Nadine Ibrahim
Urban metabolism and the future of mobility Jens F. Peters, Oleksandr Galychyn, Lynette Chea
What are the optimal boundaries of local reuse actions? Hamilton Ortiz