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Risk Management in Innovative Urban Sustainability Practices: Water and Materials Reuse, Urban Agriculture, Sharing Economy and Collective Goods

AScUS (un)Conference 2021
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Session Lead: Jeremie Joubert

Risk management as been one of the major deterrents to the spread of innovative urban ecology practices.

In the domain of circular economy for instance, the extension of the lifespan of a product through repair or reuse for new tasks, generates a major disturbance in the reliability models of finished goods used by technical controllers and insurance companies. In « circular » building projects, as well as in some urban water reuse projects, studies have been provided to evaluate risk. But the fact that each project has its very own material specificity (material degradation depends on contextual environmental and use conditions - water quality varies every day) requires new studies be performed often, along with an important communication effort.

Whether it takes place within specific professional practices (such as insurance business, land management, or administration) or through widely spread social norms (inadequate judicial responsibility standards, « zero risk » tolerance, bad reputation, etc.) there is a problem of « risk management » related to urban sustainability projects, which significantly increases the cost for local innovative projects and sometimes even prevents the spread of new urban standards.

A scientific and yet « actionable » discussion of this problem could follow three steps to be outlined in this Discussion session.

Session Lead : Jérémie Joubert

(Hi ! Please write here if you want to be part of the session so I can prepare it ... thanks !)

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Thank you everyone for having taken part to this workshop !
I'll send you soon the handout documents.

For the persons who did not attend but would like to get the final documents, please send me a message (joubert.jeremie@gmail;com) or write a message here !

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