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Are tasks a solo mission?

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Some/Most of these tasks are big, I definitely don't want to sign up for a task and have to do it all on my own! Is there a way to say, I'm doing this, but others please jump in. I'm guessing some sort of collaboration / project management set up. For example Github allows many people to be assigned.

What's the URL in the task creation for?

We've been contemplating multiple people responsible, but haven't built that yet. For now you can assign one responsible to a task. However, that doesn't mean you have to be the only one working on it. Through the task-chat you can collaborate with others, and nothing stops multiple people from working on it. We may add options to assign multiple people technically speaking, but I'd say for now simply jump on the task but leave a comment that you'd like help etc. Does that work?

The URL is to point people to a single primary resource --- sometimes it makes sense (e.g. if the task is REVIEW THIS PARTICULAR PAPER), and sometimes it doesn't (and in that case it can be left empty).

I agree about some tasks being too big and daunting and that it is nice to work together on some things. I had thought about this too.
Aside from working together, we could also break up these huge tasks into smaller ones. Take the example of adding non-English publications. This in itself sounds and is a never ending / ongoing task, for which we may want to have their own tag btw. There could be 10 people wanting to contribute to this. We could also make the task more refined then:

  • Add more Spanish publications (from Mexico)?

  • Add more Chinese publications from Journal of Industrial Ecology?

  • etc.

In any case, Paul's suggestion to state that help is welcome sounds good to me.

Great, thank you. The discussion section in the task also helps with that.

So for a task I created to create a resources page for how to do some things (which could include tutorials, or this website makes Sankeys for you or whatever)... how do I go about that? Can I create a page? (Granted I haven't tried anything yet).

Hi guys! WRT the bigger, long term tasks, like adding more non-english publications we also discussed having recurring tasks, so we can do this task once a month or once every two weeks and someone can do one or two publications and pass it on to someone else. What do you think?

Hi All!, So I can join a task that someone has already started. I hope this do not generate misunderstood .

Hi Ramiro!

That is a good question. Right now we don't have a good system yet to assign multiple people to the same task, but what you can do is type in the chat box of the task to let everybody know that you are keen to join in. So if the task is assigned to another person, you can just let that person know you are also happy to help and depending on the options, you can then discuss how to divide the work.

Does that make sense?

Hi all! I'm just getting familiar with this portal. I was wondering if there is a way to directly reply to a specific comment or @ someone the way you can on social media platforms.

Hi Christa,
Welcome to the Metabolism of Cities community! :) This is a function that is (unfortunately) not yet available. BUT, you can create a task here: that requests this feature. Soon we will also build a page where requested features will be listed in one place and where people can vote on them before being implemented, so that we ensure that this place is built for and by the community. If you know how to programme or know someone who does (because we always need volunteer help in this area too), you can let Paul know who is the lead programmer and oversees all those activities.

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