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Main hub vs the six sub hubs - linked or not?

Metabolism of Cities
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Can the volunteer portals for the subsites be linked? Are they separate by design? I get confused when I am looking for something and then realise I was in the, say, education site when I was looking for a data viz thing. If this is by design I can live with it though. But I think if it's all the same and separated with a #tag maybe that's better, especially if things are linked or overlap.

You are totally right Bernelle! Carolin actually brought this up internally just now, and we will try to clear this up a bit. They are now indeed separate, but it makes sense to join them up while also retaining some level of independence. Give us a few days to try and work out a better structure!

Okay I've tried to improve this a bit. Here's how it's now working:

  • The Community Hub is now THE place to view ALL of the forum topics (and later also all tasks), from across our "network" of sites/projects.

  • Each forum topic (and later also each task) can be linked to an individual topic, or it can be linked to the general MoC site.

  • By default, on each project-site the list will ONLY show those topics related either to THAT project, or the general topics. There is a link to go to the community hub to view all things. See e.g. this page. This way each project list remains on-topic, while also bringing in overlapping (general) things.

  • I have removed the duplicated "INTRODUCTIONS" topic and placed in simply in the general category. This way we only have a single place for this. I've also starred this (new feature), which puts it at the top of the list at all times.

How is that? Any feedback?

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